• Schools K-12 (DSA) Construction
  • Community College Construction
  • California State University Construction
  • Hospital Construction (OSHPD)
  • Privately Owned Construction Projects and Consulting
  • ADA Review and Consulting, CASp Certification


VIS was founded in the late 1990’s with the purpose of providing special inspection and project inspection management services in compliance with DSA and OSPHD state regulations. We take pride in our reputation among our former clients and strive to maintain their continued satisfaction with our company, therefore Certified Project Inspectors that represent the VIS name are employees that meet these standards. Through our extensive knowledge of our trade, connections and networking relationships within the industry and our involvement with all sorts of high-profile projects, VIS is able to offer our clients the best in construction inspection management support. 


Our goal at VIS is to provide our clients with top-quality projects that meet all state codes, approved plans and specifications, while maintaining our client's set deadlines and budgets. Our focus is to be part of your team while providing you with the best results!

The concept of team is used throughout the construction industry without a clear understanding of what this term really means. John Wooden said that Team Spirit is “a genuine interest in others. It is an eagerness to sacrifice personal interests of glory for the welfare of all.”  With this teamwork attitude in mind, VIS strives to take a proactive approach with our business, addressing concerns before they become issues. Our diligence has proven more efficient and ultimately more beneficial to our clients. VIS understands the importance of communication between all parties for the success of the entire team. Over the years, we have developed a system of tried and tested protocols to support and assist construction projects. We hope to use our successful system, proactive approach and our wide scope of experience for your next project.